Stock market risks ‘blacking out again’ so BlackRock prefers credit to stocks

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, likes investment-grade credit better than equities as it sees “a new market regime with higher volatility taking shape,” according to a Monday note from strategists at the institute. investment of the firm. Investment-grade credit may “endure a significant slowdown in growth, while equities do not appear priced for this … Read more

Easy-to-digest nutrition lessons in virtual reality spaces

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Virtual reality (VR) may provide nutrition educators and dieticians with an entirely new way to deliver real-world lessons about healthy eating, according to a team of Penn State researchers. In one study, students learned about nutrition through both an interactive virtual reality lesson and during a more traditional lecture held in … Read more

2 Salad Ingredients Experts Say You Should Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

This article has been updated from its initial publication date of 03/22/06 to include more expert information. A salad is considered to be the epitome of a healthy meal and is frequently recommended in any well-balanced diet. If you’re still experiencing weight gain, heartburn, stomach aches, or other negative effects related to indigestion, it’s worth … Read more

One UI 5.0 Beta: main features in Samsung Android 13

After we exclusively detailed a number of new functions and features in a prerelease A beta version of UI 5.0, Samsung has quietly released its Android 13 preview in a small group of nations. Here are all the biggest and most notable new additions. Samsung isn’t known for bringing big changes with One UI and … Read more

Ultra-processed foods increase the risk of dementia

If you eat large amounts of ultra-processed foods, such as French fries, ice cream, fried chicken, hot dogs, or French fries, you may be at higher risk of developing dementia, according to a recent study published in Neurology. Researchers from China found that the more ultra-processed foods people ate, the higher their risk of dementia. … Read more

I argued with Meta’s new AI chatbot ‘BlenderBot 3’ about iPhone vs. Android – here’s what happened

BlenderBot 3 is the new AI chatterbox that Facebook, er, I mean “Meta” (I’ll never get used to that name), released to the public last Friday. According to a Blog post from August 5the social media giant claimed that BlenderBot is a “state-of-the-art conversational agent that can naturally converse with people.” I don’t take things … Read more