Using artificial intelligence to control digital manufacturing | MIT News

Scientists and engineers are constantly developing new materials with unique properties that can be used for 3D printing, but they are discovering how printing with these materials can be a complex and costly conundrum. Often a skilled operator must use manual trial and error, possibly doing thousands of prints, to determine the ideal parameters that … Read more

Creepy Artificial Intelligence Detected Creating Its Own Science Even Human Experts Don’t Understand

A CREEPY artificial intelligence has left scientists baffled after it discovered physics that even professionals still don’t understand. Physics is one of the most rigid disciplines in Sciences with complex equations and exact measurements for secrets to be revealed. 4 A creepy AI has baffled scientists after uncovering hidden physics that even human experts still … Read more

TikTok continues AI music creation and machine learning hiring wave

The AI-powered music-making app business is heating up. In May, the music creation platform Splice reported that valued at nearly $500 million, thrown out an artificial intelligence powered music app called Arenawhich uses what Splice calls its “Complementary Sounds” artificial intelligence technology to create music “in fractions of a second.” Meanwhile, Bandlab, the social music … Read more

Saudi tech experts bring futuristic AI technology closer to reality

RIYADH: Saudi techies are putting the latest advances in artificial intelligence into the hands of gamers attending a major international festival in the Kingdom. The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) has teamed up with the Saudi Esports Federation for the Gamers8 event taking place in Riyadh to showcase the latest advances in virtual … Read more

Don’t take antibiotics every time you have a cold. But the resistance crisis has an AI solution

These technologies are already working together to accelerate the discovery of new antimicrobial drugs. A subset of next-generation AI, called generative models, produces hypotheses about the final molecule needed for a specific new drug. These AI models not only look for known molecules with relevant properties, such as the ability to bind to and neutralize … Read more

Radiant Photo is a new AI app designed to get images in great shape with little to no editing

Just when you thought there were more than enough raw image editors out there, another one comes along with fresh ideas and great results. This new editor is called radiant photo. According to the company, when an image is uploaded to Radiant Photo, within seconds, you’ll see a Radiant version of it. In most cases, … Read more

‘The risks posed by AI are real’: EU moves to beat life-ruining algorithms | artificial intelligence (AI)

meIt started with a single tweet in November 2019. David Heinemeier Hansson, a high-profile tech entrepreneur, lashed out at Apple’s newly launched credit card, calling it “sexist” for offering his wife a credit limit 20 times lower than his own. The accusations spread like wildfire, with Hansson stressing that artificial intelligence, now widely used to … Read more

This week’s amazing tech stories from around the web (through August 6)

NEUROSCIENCE The era of brain-computer interfaces is on the horizonbrown grace | cabling‚ÄúThe real novelty with Synchron’s device, he says, is that surgeons don’t have to open up the brain, which makes it much less invasive and therefore less risky for patients. The device, called the Stentrode, has a mesh-like design and is about the … Read more

Perceptive Automata Shuts Down After Funding Runs Out

listen to this article perceptual automata, a Boston-based developer of artificial intelligence that understands human behavior for autonomous vehicles and robots, recently closed. According to co-founder and CTO Sam Anthony, Perceptive Automata became “kablooey” after it failed to close Series B funding. CEO Bruce Reading is now trying to sell the company’s intellectual property. Some … Read more