Tech sector tax windfall props up Ireland’s economy against recession

For much of the EU, the economic outlook is bleak with fears of a growing recession and tight government finances. Then there is Ireland. The republic is enjoying an €8bn corporate tax windfall after bumper pandemic-enhanced revenues from tech and pharmaceutical companies. Tax collection from companies lured by Ireland’s 12.5 per cent corporate rate has … Read more

Why the “Inflation Reduction Law” is not such a thing

comment this story Comment One of the most enduring fallacies that informs discussions of the economy is that there are a couple of dials located in a vault somewhere in Washington that officials can turn back and forth to control employment, output, inflation, etc. even the price of gasoline. Every time something good happens, inevitably … Read more

America’s strong dollar is hurting everyone else

The dollar rose more than 10% in 2022 against other major currencies, near its highest level in two decades, as investors worried about a global recession rushed to buy dollars, considered a safe haven in times turbulent. The attractiveness of the dollar is added to that of the Federal Reserve aggressive campaign interest rate hikes … Read more

Two-thirds of the best UK restaurants in the red after Brexit, Covid and inflation | hospitality industry

Debt payments, staff shortages and rising energy bills have pushed nearly two-thirds of the UK’s top 100 restaurants into the red, according to research revealing the impact of the pandemic. brexit and the cost of living crisis in the hospitality industry. With a recession looming and further increases in energy bills weighing on businesses, a … Read more