Opinion: AquaCon’s Proposed Industrial Salmon Farm Poses Major Environmental Risk to Maryland

Salmon splash in a fish farm. stock.adobe.com photo by Photography by Adrian. By Alan GirardEast Coast director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation;Bradley Stevensemeritus professor of marine science at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore;David Secorprofessor at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences;fred pomeroyPresident of Dorchester Citizens for Planned … Read more

America’s Wildlife Act Recovery, Explained

The Biden administration is about to enact the largest piece of climate legislation ever, after the Senate approved the Inflation Reduction Law on Sunday with a direct vote along party lines. But there is actually another great piece of environmental legislation that could soon become law, and it has bipartisan support. Known by the acronym … Read more

The appalling opinion of climate change advocates on the lightning that killed three people in DC

These kinds of unnecessary conferences are the reason the global warming problem hasn’t gone anywhere in decades. The people who are at the forefront of this issue are absolutely awful when it comes to promotion strategy. Al Gore recently said that those who are still skeptical about global warming are no better than the police … Read more

How a 4-day workweek could benefit the environment

comment this story Comment Reducing the workweek to four days could have a climate benefit, advocates say. In addition to improve the well-being of workersthey say that drastically reducing working hours can reduce carbon emissions. It is what could be called a “potential triple dividend policy, something that can benefit the economy, society and also … Read more

The most imposing and exuberant birds face extinction first: let’s prevent nature from becoming boring | Lucy Jones

FFor decades, environmentalists have been warning about the homogenization of diversity (species becoming more alike) in the living world. Now researchers at the University of Sheffield have published research predicting that bird species with conspicuous and extreme features will likely go extinct first. “The global extinction crisis doesn’t just mean we’re losing species,” says study … Read more

Inside the vicious circle of deforestation for charcoal in Somalia | overall development

men Mogadishu, the charcoal trade is thriving on the city streets, fueled by the sharp rise in gasoline prices in the past two years. As more Somalis turn to coal as an affordable energy option, experts say rising demand is fueling unsustainable levels of production and accelerating climate change amid the country’s crisis. The worst … Read more