Batgirl, the wonder twins and more

By Doug Norrie | Published 25 minutes ago The comic book movie landscape was rocked last week when it was announced that Warner Bros and DC had canceled the highly anticipated Bat girl movie. This was notable for a few different reasons, but mainly because A: the movie was already complete and B: it reportedly … Read more

Five killer clown horror movies you can watch at home now!

Terror exploits or instills all kinds of fears, including coulrophobia. For many, it was Pennywise who induced the extreme fear of clowns. The long-awaited documentary feature film Pennywise: The IT Story is now available on VOD and streaming exclusively through Bloody Disgusting. SCREAMING BOXcelebrating the 1990 miniseries and its clown horrors. If you’ve already caught … Read more

The great HBO scandal of 2022 was unwarranted, but understandable

Corporate earnings calls are not usually sites of high drama. Last week, however, a routine update to Warner Bros. Discovery shareholders resonated far beyond its intended audience. Non-investors weren’t just deeply interested in a goofy pitch from a business executive; observers anticipated such an unveiling with a breathless, conspiratorial fervor typically reserved for a pop … Read more

Henry Cavill’s Superman Future Gets a Promising Update

Despite being the most famous face in DC, Superman doesn’t have the presence in the DCEU that fans were hoping for. Henry Cavill was the last actor to bring the Man of Steel to the big screen through three blockbuster movies, but the British star has been absent since the debacle surrounding 2017 League of … Read more

Predators remains the franchise’s most underrated sequel

When action dinosaurs ruled the earth To fully appreciate the legacy established by the original Predatoryou have to remember the state of ’80s movies. After decades of heroes like John Wayne Y Clint Eastwood, ’80s action embraced excess. Big guys like Arnold and Sylvester Stallone He carried big guns to make big explosions and pull … Read more

Did Marvel Studios Just Secretly Announce Netflix’s Defenders Reunion?

San Diego Comic-Con held a treasure trove of goodies for MCU fans. The greatest of them was undoubtedly the Ad of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Y secret wars. Captain America: New World Order Y Ray he also got official revelations. But one of the Phase 5 projects that shocked most people was when Marvel Studios’ … Read more

The story behind Clint Eastwood’s western masterpiece

As Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven turns 30, Hasitha Fernando dives into the story behind the 1992 masterpiece… There are the revisionist westerns, and then there are the revisionist westerns. unforgivable belongs firmly to the latter category. Except for occasional entries like Dancing with WolvesThe early to mid-’90s was a period in time when the Western genre … Read more