Easy-to-digest nutrition lessons in virtual reality spaces

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Virtual reality (VR) may provide nutrition educators and dieticians with an entirely new way to deliver real-world lessons about healthy eating, according to a team of Penn State researchers. In one study, students learned about nutrition through both an interactive virtual reality lesson and during a more traditional lecture held in … Read more

Process and Control Today | NSK trains production staff using VR technology

03/08/2022 NSK Europe Ltd Operators of high-precision grinding and honing machines in NSK’s ball bearing production are now taking advantage of virtual reality (VR) training methods. VR technology has the advantage, among other things, of allowing machines to continue producing, while allowing for easier standardization of training courses. For NSK, this first project at its … Read more

Puzzling Places is perfect for all VR owners

When people ask me for Meta Quest recommendations, the first game I always suggest is Puzzling Places. That may seem like an unconventional choice to some; after all, a collection of 3D puzzles doesn’t exactly showcase the capabilities of VR games. But there is something special about Puzzling Places that makes me genuinely believe that … Read more

NASA partners with Epic Games and HeroX to get VR technology for future Mars exploration

The best solutions for extravehicular simulations will win prizes $70K HOUSTON, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — heroXthe leading platform and open market for collaborative solutions, with epic games Y Buendeatoday launched the crowdsourcing competition, NASA MarsXR Challenge. The Challenge seeks contributions to a Virtual Reality (XR) test environment that replicates the experiences and situations astronauts … Read more

Retinal projection was the future of virtual reality. What happened?

ozrimoz/Shutterstock.com Retinal projection is a technology that uses your eye’s retina as a projection screen, sending light directly into your eye so you see a “screen” floating in space. It seems like it should be the future of virtual reality, so what happened? Understanding Virtual Retinal Displays All the flat panel displays you look at … Read more