How is the use of virtual reality in architecture becoming more and more significant?

How is the use of virtual reality in architecture becoming more and more significant? Shanghai Astronomy Museum, Ennead Architects. Image © The arch exists Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail pinterest WhatsApp EITHER the importance of using advanced technologieslike the likes of virtual reality in the architecture scene, is increasingly necessary. No matter how beautiful … Read more

4.2 million people quit in June despite recession concerns

A cool down in Work market it’s underway: The number of job openings fell in June, while a near-record number of people continued to quit and be hired in new roles, according to the Department of Labor. Latest job vacancies and job rotation summary. The labor market recorded 10.7 million new job openings in June, … Read more

FTC Says Meta’s Supernatural Purchase Could Ruin VR Fitness Market

Enlarge / Artist’s conception of the FTC’s fight against the latest Meta takeover proposal. The Federal Trade Commission has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Meta in an attempt to prevent Facebook’s parent company from buying Within, which makes the popular VR fitness app Supernatural. Meta’s plans to spend $400 million on Within have has allegedly … Read more

Job openings plummet as employers back out of hiring

The number of job openings in the United States fell sharply in June as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, gasoline prices hit record highs, inflation soared and consumer spending growth slowed. There were 10.7 million job postings on the last business day of June, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics said Tuesday, down from … Read more

Diagnosis of mental health disorders through the evaluation of facial expression with AI

Researchers in Germany have developed a method for identifying mental disorders based on facial expressions interpreted by computer vision. The new approach can not only distinguish between affected and unaffected subjects, but can also correctly distinguish depression from schizophrenia, as well as the degree to which the patient is currently affected by the illness. The … Read more

Sandbox VR Delivers an Immersive, Interactive, Blockbuster Action Movie Virtual Reality Experience

Sandbox VR is bringing an immersive metaverse experience to a location near you. getty Weather Meta and other companies are creating virtual and augmented realities online, Sandbox VR is bringing an immersive metaverse experience to a place near you. The Hong Kong and Silicon Valley-based company, founded by CEO Steve Zhao, created technology that makes … Read more

Does it raise taxes on the middle class as the GOP claims?

As Democrats await the results of congressional review of their proposed reconciliation budget bill, and whether Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) approves or rejects the plan, economists are busy analyzing how it would work. the legislative package. for the next 10 years. Here is a summary of what they have said: Moody’s: Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act … Read more

CPPIB-backed markets data startup Canalyst sold for over $400 million to Tegus

Damir Hot, left, and James Rife, right, are the co-founders of Canalyst.Rafal Gerszak/The balloon and the mail Canalyst Financial Modeling Corp., a Vancouver capital markets data startup backed by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, has been bought by Tegus Inc. for between $400 million and $450 million. The deal announced Tuesday brings together two … Read more