Stock market risks ‘blacking out again’ so BlackRock prefers credit to stocks

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, likes investment-grade credit better than equities as it sees “a new market regime with higher volatility taking shape,” according to a Monday note from strategists at the institute. investment of the firm. Investment-grade credit may “endure a significant slowdown in growth, while equities do not appear priced for this … Read more

Veteran strategist Dennis Gartman says it’s still a bear market with no Fed pivot in sight.

As the market heads into the new week, attention remains focused on Friday’s jobs report, which shows a unexpected increase of 528,000 in non-farm payrolls. “It isas a big surprise to me,” said Dennis Gartman, the retired editor of the Gartman letter and now chairman of the University of Akron’s endowment and investment committee, in … Read more

Roaring job market puts ‘boomflation’ back on the map for investors

Instead, concern focused on what a dizzying job market and rising costs mean for stock and bond portfolios, particularly if it turns into a combination of higher growth and inflation with staying power. How to call such a scenario? “Boomflation,” said Kent Engelke, chief economic strategist at Capitol Securities Management, pointing to annual wage gains … Read more

Opinion: Bear Market Depression: How to Maintain a Sense of Financial Control in Times of Uncertainty.

Between pandemic lockdowns, health issues, controversial politics, and significant inflation with rising prices, many US investors may feel like they are losing control of their situations. Add to that a bear market for stocks, with a possible recession looming. To maintain resilience, we can focus on taking care of our physical, mental, and financial well-being … Read more

It’s an ‘upside down’ recession and here’s what it means for the market

It’s work Friday. The release of the monthly US Non-Farm Payrolls report is always a highlight for Wall Street, particularly in an uncertain monetary policy environment when traders are hypersensitive to factors affecting the Fed’s thinking. In fact, the resilience of the labor market is causing many market watchers to say that, despite suffering two … Read more

Opinion: The S&P 500 is very close to crossing this crucial level and challenging the bear market trend line

The S&P 500 Index may be about to lock in two major SPX bulls, -0.04% milestones. First, the S&P has rallied from that mid-June low to major resistance at 4170. A two-day close above that level would be quite bullish and set the stage for a challenge to the downtrend line that defines this market. … Read more

Block may be in trouble as the economy takes a turn for the worse, but Cash App could save it for now

On paper, all of Block Inc.’s various businesses are potentially sensitive to a weakening economic environment, with revenue and profit assumed to be down from last year. In reality, the story could be more nuanced, at least for now. square Block, +11.35% is he (relatively) new corporate name for Square, and hosts a variety of … Read more

Why Mark Mobius Thinks US Stocks Haven’t Bottomed and Where He Sees Opportunities in Emerging Markets

The US markets have provided plenty of excitement this year to keep investors on their toes. But as poorly as US and European stocks have performed since early 2022, emerging market stocks have done worse. But as the US dollar retreated from its multi-decade highs last month, investors including Allianz’s Mohammad El-Erian noted that valuations … Read more

Opinion: The bond market has a strong opinion on inflation, but what does it say about a recession?

Every time the Federal Reserve starts to tighten financial conditions, markets try to guess how far the central bank will go. Indeed, now in an era where it provides its estimates of future policy in a framework known as “the dots,” the Fed itself is providing guidance on where the fed funds rate will land. … Read more

The Crypto Market Found Like Nasdaq in the Early 2000s. Here’s Why

Hello! Welcome back to Distributed Ledger, our weekly crypto newsletter that arrives in your inbox every Thursday. I’m Frances Yue, Crypto Reporter at MarketWatch, and I’ll be giving you the latest on this bear market. Find me on Twitter at @francesyue_ to provide feedback or tell us what you think we should cover. You can … Read more