Public perception of the economy is the lowest since 2008, with 69% saying it is “getting worse”

Public Perception of the Economy is Lowest Since 2008: More Americans Say They Trust the GOP to Handle Issues Hitting Their Pockets, New Poll Shows A new poll shows nearly 7 in 10 Americans feel the economy is “getting worse.” Only 12% say it is ‘getting better’ under Joe Biden’s leadership In 2008, the same … Read more

Climate Groups React to Senate Passage of Inflation Reduction Act

Mint Images | Mint Rf Imaging | fake images The Senate passed the most ambitious climate spending package in US history. Sundaysparking optimism among environmental advocates after months of gridlock over President Joe Biden’s emissions-cutting agenda. Called the Inflation Reduction Act, the legislation allocates $369 billion for US energy security and combating climate change. Vice … Read more

The Democrats’ Big Package: What’s in and what’s out?

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s nowhere near the $4 trillion proposal President Joe Biden first floated to rebuild America’s public infrastructure. and family support systems But the health care compromise package to combat inflation, climate change and deficit reduction strategies appears to be on its way to Senate votes this weekend.. The proposal estimated at $740 … Read more

Does the Inflation Reduction Act violate Biden’s $400,000 fiscal promise?

JimWatson | Afp | fake images Senate Democrats’ package on climate change, health care, drug prices and tax measures unveiled last week has supporters and opponents debating whether the legislation violates a promise by the president. Joe Biden has done since his presidential campaign, a not raise taxes in households with incomes below $400,000 a … Read more

Is the economy in recession? The best economists say

‘We should have an objective definition’ Officially, the NBER define a recession as “a significant decline in economic activity that spreads throughout the economy and lasts for more than a few months.” In fact, the latest quarterly gross domestic product report, which tracks the overall health of the economy, showed a second contraction in a … Read more

How the climate deal would help farmers help the environment

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The climate agreement reached last week by Senate Democrats could reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced by American farmers by expanding programs that help store carbon in the soil, funding focused research on the climate and reduce the abundant methane emissions that come from cows. . The bill includes more … Read more

Democrats face midterm defeat as voters rage on Biden, ‘misery index’ shows

Voter anger at President Biden over the state of the economy it is likely that result in another epic “shelled” for Democrats in the November midterm elections, which could cost them more than 40 seats in Congress and control of both chambers, according to a new study. The “misery index” of inflation and unemployment reached … Read more