Climate Groups React to Senate Passage of Inflation Reduction Act

Mint Images | Mint Rf Imaging | fake images The Senate passed the most ambitious climate spending package in US history. Sundaysparking optimism among environmental advocates after months of gridlock over President Joe Biden’s emissions-cutting agenda. Called the Inflation Reduction Act, the legislation allocates $369 billion for US energy security and combating climate change. Vice … Read more

RPT-WEEKAHEAD-Wall St Week Ahead: Inflation data may seal the fate of the US stock rally.

A rally in US stocks that has ignited despite skepticism from Wall St faces a reality check in the week ahead as key inflation data threatens to slam the door on expectations for a dovish change from the Federal Reserve. The S&P 500 has walked a tightrope this summer, rising 13% from its mid-June lows … Read more

The labor market is surprisingly strong, but job loss has slowed in these sectors: why might that affect workers’ bargaining power?

Friday’s jobs report showed surprising strength in the labor market, but there are signs that all may not be well for all workers. Attrition in low-wage sectors like retail, leisure and hospitality is slowing, said Nick Bunker, an economist at Indeed Hiring Lab. That means people working in those sectors probably have less bargaining power … Read more

The US economy has yet to face its biggest recession challenge

A person removes a pump nozzle at a gas station on July 29, 2022 in Arlington, Virginia. Olivier DouliĆ©ry | AFP | fake images It would be hard now to find a recession in the rear view mirror. However, what follows down the road is another story. There is no historical precedent that indicates that … Read more

Retirees may be focusing on the wrong risks to their financial security

Sporrer/Rupp | Image source | fake images Market declines may stoke retirees’ fears that they will no longer have enough assets to live on. But it turns out that may not be the biggest financial risk they should be on the lookout for in retirement. Instead, longevity — prospective retirees may live longer than expected … Read more

How SolarEdge plans to increase its market share in Europe

SolarEdge shares fell this week after the company second quarter results showed an impact on margins from factory closures, higher transportation costs and currency headwinds from the weakening euro. But SolarEdge CFO Ronen Faier said lower margins now are the price to pay for long-term growth in a market where demand is soaring. “We have … Read more

bear market | Christopher Wood: Suspect the US and India rally: Christopher Wood

Christopher WoodGlobal Head of Equity Strategy at Jefferies, says the recent rally in equities is more of a bear market rally in the US, followed by Indian equities. In an interview with ET, Wood said that India is not among his top investment destinations at the moment. Edited excerpts: What is your assessment of the … Read more

The Fed could surprise markets by sounding even more aggressive as the economy falters

The Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise interest rates by another three-quarters of a point on Wednesday, and could surprise markets by sounding even more unforgiving on policy tightening. That means the Fed would sound “hardline,” or in a mode where it’s hell-bent on raising interest rates as much as necessary to curb inflation. … Read more

How virtual reality will change commerce for professionals and everyone else

The rise of working from home has given several virtual reality (VR) companies an incentive to experiment with new forms of commerce. While platforms are rapidly evolving and companies are getting in a position to sell new technology, it’s not a big deal yet, but many believe it will be soon. glimpse group is an … Read more