Roaring job market puts ‘boomflation’ back on the map for investors

Instead, concern focused on what a dizzying job market and rising costs mean for stock and bond portfolios, particularly if it turns into a combination of higher growth and inflation with staying power. How to call such a scenario? “Boomflation,” said Kent Engelke, chief economic strategist at Capitol Securities Management, pointing to annual wage gains … Read more

Opinion: Bear Market Depression: How to Maintain a Sense of Financial Control in Times of Uncertainty.

Between pandemic lockdowns, health issues, controversial politics, and significant inflation with rising prices, many US investors may feel like they are losing control of their situations. Add to that a bear market for stocks, with a possible recession looming. To maintain resilience, we can focus on taking care of our physical, mental, and financial well-being … Read more

To take the temperature of the real estate market, look at what is not selling

House prices continue to rise by leaps and bounds, but some real estate agents say the signs of a slowdown are already here. Look at the numbers and property inflation is rampant: This week Nationwide said home prices rose 11 percent in the year to July. That’s even higher than consumer price inflation behind the … Read more

The Crypto Market Found Like Nasdaq in the Early 2000s. Here’s Why

Hello! Welcome back to Distributed Ledger, our weekly crypto newsletter that arrives in your inbox every Thursday. I’m Frances Yue, Crypto Reporter at MarketWatch, and I’ll be giving you the latest on this bear market. Find me on Twitter at @francesyue_ to provide feedback or tell us what you think we should cover. You can … Read more

Cold home sales push some homeowners to list their units on hot rental markets – National

When Shannon Tebb put her downtown Toronto loft up for sale in mid-June, she went to great lengths to make the property attractive to buyers. She hired set designers, painted walls, washed windows, listed the place below market value, and advertised it all over social media. But in July, he was taking the property off … Read more

Will the stock market rally turn into a sell-off? This Bond Market Indicator Could Alert Investors

Now that the Federal Reserve appears to have abandoned your forward facing tool In favor of being “data dependent” to help inform their future path for rates, investors should keep an eye on this gauge of inflation expectations for signs of a change in market sentiment. Look at the five-year breakeven rate of inflation, one … Read more

Travis Perkins Remains Resilient Amid Downturn in Home Improvement Market

Travis Perkins Remains Resilient Amid Falling Home Improvement Market and Rising Energy Prices The building materials seller revealed that total turnover grew by 10.3% to £2.54bn. Travis Perkins saw his Toolstation business plummet to an £8m operating loss The rise in cost inflation was primarily driven by rising fuel and utility prices. By Harry Wise … Read more