The Greek prime minister “is unaware” of the telephone intervention of a prominent politician

Athens, Greece — Greece’s prime minister said on Monday he was unaware that the country’s intelligence service had been tapping the mobile phone of an opposition politician for three months, insisting he would not have allowed it if he had known. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who faces choiceThe next year, he made the remarks in a televised … Read more

Does the Inflation Reduction Act violate Biden’s $400,000 fiscal promise?

JimWatson | Afp | fake images Senate Democrats’ package on climate change, health care, drug prices and tax measures unveiled last week has supporters and opponents debating whether the legislation violates a promise by the president. Joe Biden has done since his presidential campaign, a not raise taxes in households with incomes below $400,000 a … Read more

Retirees may be focusing on the wrong risks to their financial security

Sporrer/Rupp | Image source | fake images Market declines may stoke retirees’ fears that they will no longer have enough assets to live on. But it turns out that may not be the biggest financial risk they should be on the lookout for in retirement. Instead, longevity — prospective retirees may live longer than expected … Read more