Maxim Zhestkov’s Hypnotic Art Makes Virtual Worlds Tangible

Maxim Zhestkov’s work is a tale of two worlds. One that we can set foot in, one that offers us a convincing illusion of that possibility. After 20 years working with brands like Playstation, Google, BMW and Adidas, the Russian-born, London-based artist is now immersed in self-initiated art projects, fueled by an ‘obsession’ with computer … Read more

Virtual Reality in Neurorehabilitation

What is virtual reality? Virtual reality is an environment generated with the help of animated computer programs and displayed on the screen, an external space similar to reality. Although it has similar properties to film and television, virtual reality has some distinctive features. Virtual reality rehabilitation. Image Credit: Prostock-studio/ The key component of this technology … Read more

Metaverse: Opportunities for Investors Today

Risk considerations Variable income securities may fluctuate in response to news about companies, industries, market conditions and the general economic environment. Asset allocation and diversification do not lock in a profit or protect against loss in falling financial markets. Due to its narrow focus, sector investments they tend to be more volatile than investments that … Read more

How is the use of virtual reality in architecture becoming more and more significant?

How is the use of virtual reality in architecture becoming more and more significant? Shanghai Astronomy Museum, Ennead Architects. Image © The arch exists Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail pinterest WhatsApp EITHER the importance of using advanced technologieslike the likes of virtual reality in the architecture scene, is increasingly necessary. No matter how beautiful … Read more

NSK trains production staff using VR technology

Operators of high-precision grinding and honing machines in NSK’s ball bearing production are now taking advantage of virtual reality (VR) training methods. VR technology has the advantage, among other things, of allowing machines to continue producing, while allowing for easier standardization of training courses. For NSK, this first project in its the king of the … Read more

Virtual reality still sucks because it doesn’t smell

VR still sucks, and its stench has many notes. stinks of rich white boys, who constantly overfund and hype technology always on the verge of a breakthrough. It has a festering odor of entrenched privilege, despite claims from its vendors that it encourages empathy and inclusion. it’s too expensive and just more and more. Meta’s … Read more

Haptic gloves allow users to touch and feel in virtual reality

NEW DELHI : Last November, Meta’s (formerly Facebook) Reality Labs unveiled a pair of haptic gloves that could help a computer program accurately understand and reflect a user’s hand gestures. The gloves could also simulate complex sensations such as pressure, texture and vibration. The idea behind the gloves was to make virtual objects feel real … Read more

The Metaverse: Building a Fairer World in Virtual Reality | perspectives

You put on a weird-looking headset that covers your ears and eyes, grab a controller in each hand, and within seconds, you’re transported into a three-dimensional virtual world inhabited by other people sharing the same experience. Virtual reality (VR) is one of many technologies that the term “metaverse” is designed to cover. Metaverse could refer … Read more

Facebook tries to buy an app, sued for more than virtual reality monopoly

Image: Within It was a very bad year so far for Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, in an extremely unique way for one of the largest technology companies in the world. Even though it still made nearly $7 billion in profits in recent months, TikTok is eating its lunch, the stock price is … Read more